Studio Induction

When we learning about light painting. Dan teach us about what you should do and what you shouldn’t do in the studio like setting up the equipment like the back drop curtain and sticking down with tape but we haven’t learned how to set up the light’s up. And we was told about studio Health … More Studio Induction


Photoshop can be used from computers to phones it can be useful if you use it the right way. Like you take a picture and you have someone’s arm in the shoot you can experiment yourself by removing the arm. On photoshop I’ve used crop,colouring,Editing,ect. these are a few sample pictures.

Formal Elements

  These are the formal elements to look for in image. line, shape,form,Texture, Pattern,colour,space   Lines For lines you can look for Rail way lines,public path,hand rail, to a fences. Shape looking for shapes like shadow of a person or a objects that have unique shapes. Form form is referring to light and dark like … More Formal Elements

Lumen Print

On Friday 16th Daniel say’s were going to do some lumen print. How to do Lumen print and want you need. you will need a graphic paper. any objects yo want to use. and natural sun light. I placed my graphic paper on the table at the back of the Room then i placed two … More Lumen Print

Choosing a Light Painting Photographer

My choice of light painting Photography. My choice of photographer is Vicki DaSilva. Vicki Dasilva was also known alias by Fountain of Youth:Foy.   Vicki did her Education in Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. her first deliberate text light graffiti in 1980 beginning with picture called Crash. She then became the first artist to use eight foot … More Choosing a Light Painting Photographer

Light Painting History

Light Painting is a technique of Exposure by moving hand-held light sources while taking long exposure anyway there is another way to make light painting by moving the camera itself during exposure. the technique is using both scientific and artistic skills.   In 1889 Etienne-jules Marey and Georges Demeny together they established a programme of … More Light Painting History