Task Four Final Major Project



Today i have finished my Final Presentation and for some of my image i have some positive come back from my images like how clear the sky is in the church picture and how got the corner shot of the monument showing the front and the side of it and same come back for the sky in monument image and the clouds pattern are in a line. I did enjoy doing the project going around to different locations around Rotherham and it would be good if i took the pictures at other angle or the other side of the building or monuments to see which is the best angle to have.


                          Clifton Park War Monument                       All Saints Church


King George V Memorial Drinking Fountain Clock                      Royal Bank of Scotland 


I also have some good and bad come back on church image they like the location of where i took the shot in Minster Garden across All Saints Church was good the bad was bad come back was that i should have move back a bit to get the stairs in to show it leading up to door and also i could have had the Steel of Heart in the shot and two in one picture shot of building and monument in it and it would have been good to Remove the two people at the bottom right of the image. I did hate the trouble with camera setting as my images kept coming out to Bright or it came out to Dark so i used the Adobe Photoshop to adjust the settings of the Brightness up or down and that was the cause of the one of the trouble i had to deal with and if i was not in the Mac Room i had to use the college laptops that i hate using as they malfunctioning  like laptop not work are it getting no signal coming through on it or it could be that the laptop doesn’t have the program that you needed that was a set back of computer side of my project work.

One feed back comment that I got said why do you just have them in one black & white or colour and when I did chosen my four images to print at A3  I chose to have two in black & white and the other two in colour I wanted to do my images in both like olden and modern days look to them.    


In one or two image that I could have done more better on them on Photoshop especially my black and white images as it look little grey and could have done with a bit more touch up on them and what I didn’t like was that my first attempt came out as a failure when I was cutting the edges off around my image the foam board wasn’t straight and my also damaged my picture so doing it again and hope it come out better.

2017-06-09 13.28.33

As it my last attempt as there is no more time and as I’m cutting the foam board around the image on the second attempt I hated doing it as the foams insides was flaking out when I was cutting it the Knife that I did it with was very sharp but if I could change some things I wouldn’t do it on foam boards I was given a options of two ever foam boards or doing it on card boards but I ended up picking foam board and a other thing that I would have changed is making all my images into landscape as one out of four is a portrait image or the other way round I’ve also put my images on to facebook that me and others have Lv2 group hear is a link Rotherham College Students Facebook and we also have our own page on the instagram site this is my link My Instagram page.


My Exhibition Day


On Monday 12th June me my lv2 group as well as the ours groups just had our Exhibition at Riverside library it starts at 17:30 but as i got there there where alot of familys and friends that attended as well the us college students also the mayor was there. As i walked around i talked to some my group mates family & friends of what they think of our work diplay i also took some picture on my phone of the exhibition there.

The Mayor she gave us a speech about our work i could get a picture of her do the speech as the room got full after the speech some gathered around Mayor for photos then at nearly 18:40 pm  people were starting to leave as it was coming to the end of the Exhibition.






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