Task Three


I borrowed a camera and a 70-300 lens from Gerry in College then i Went walking around Rotherham wide out taking photos of unique architectural designs of Builds and Monuments that i like. 

Test shots  one

My Original Image’s

These are my test shots that i took without any editing on photoshop and in some image i have a little problem as you can see with getting the right aperture settings so in editing i slightly adjusted it . I’m am happy of location and objects that i chose to take image’s of these Builds and monuments there are some images that i think i could get a better angle to take the pictures like for second image at the bottom called The ANNEXE i could take the picture more to the right to get more of the side of the build as well as the front. 


After Editing on computer

My Photoshop Image’s

In these images I was Test how they would come out in Black and white images I’ve chosen these locations because of example.

 Lightroom 2These are the camera setting was as i took the photos though using Abode lightroom on computer.


Queens statue 

The day I took that images I asked some people that was walking bye for any info on the statue that they Know off but when I’ve ask no one know that it is on top of Old Town Hall Building  I’ve even ask some of Rotherham senior citizens and they didn’t even know about the queens statue I also spent Half hour on line looking for information but I couldn’t find any think about it But I do like it as it part of past it only my guess but I think it a statue of Queen Victoria.


Clifton Park War Monument 

The monument is close to the town centre entrance of the Park as I was taking some images of the monument an old man on a mobility scooter came up to me and ask what I was doing I told him that I attend college and that I’m taking photos for my courses work that I’m doing then he told me of anther war monument plaque but smaller at the Rotherham post office on Main Street but I like this image as I took it at this angle I’m getting both the sword & wreath together.

Test Shot’s  Two

My Original Image’s

I took more images and to do more editing and as you can see in these Original Images. I had some trouble with aperture again. As the day started of it was a dreary day, as the day, progressed it turned into a beautiful day but it still give me trouble  to a just the aperture to a suitable setting to get a better picture.

My Photoshop Image’s


In these images I’ve already been given feedback as someone like the two of my image and they are both are the bottom left and right images it’s just me but I like the test shots as they are beginning to look good.

My lightroom

Lightroom 2

As you can see i still need to practice on camera settings.

My Opinion 

With choose these 10 images location for there architectural Build or Monument designs even if they built from stone or metal structure. I do like my choose of location as i’m trying to show the designs of them around Rotherham for example the Royal Bank of Scotland building has Cullum up on the front of it and i like how it make’s stands out on street from the other’s Building around it.

When i took my images some of them where over and under exposed so i used Photoshop trying to get the exposure correct after I’ve saved it Dan came to me and told me that one or two of my images are still over or under exposed in image and show me what i could do to correct it on Photoshop.          

These are my Ten Image that i chosen.


As i’m taking photos we where told to start planing on how we going to display our images at the Gallery at Rotherham Riverside Library and as there is only limited room there as i’m doing my images on A3 photo paper i only have room for four Images to hang up and I’ll have to share the wall with someone else and as there going to be four groups  my group L2 and L1, L3, L3y2 to have there images to hung up as well so we may have to do two or three people to a section of wall to get everyone’s images up.

My four Image and how I’m going to Display them.

I’ve printed these four images that I’ve chosen to use for our .

I had my Images printed from College printing room They ask me what size prints do I want them in so I ask for all four of my image at A3 prints please the people in printing room was very helpful with me as I didn’t put my image into right settings for printing. After I’ve got my prints I cut around the border then I used spray glue on back of the prints then placing and stick the image prints onto foam boards then all I need to do is cut around the excess border and that is my work done ready for to be taken to the Gallery for the Exhibition to be mounted.   


 My work step by step

As I’m Planning on what I want to do for my FMP (Final Major Project) I chosen to do Architectural buildings and monuments I pick this because I want people see to what I see. For builds the beautiful of the design or patterns on them and for the monuments the size and shapes and mostly what they represent so I borrowed a camera and a 70-300 lens from College the location that I chosen is Rotherham to take my images in as I walked around started from Town centre and widen out in area. As I’m going round doing my first test shots I was hoping to take images at an interesting angles then I used Photoshop on Computer and editing the pictures it took one or two day to do with editing I had to adjusted the image because the  image that I took was even bright or dark so I used Photoshop to do some touch up.

Then I did my next test shot a week later taking more image shots of Buildings and Monuments and some of a different angles to see if it make any different in the images. When it came to editing them I chosen to make the image in black and white so I can see what they would look like not in colour I also used Photoshop editing to get rid of unwanted rubbish or marks on wall or people in back ground if need to I also tried to experiment on Photoshop by using a black & white image and put a single colour in it to catcher the viewers eyes but every time I tried to do it but it failed and I was told that it would ruin my images then week after that our tutor came to group and told us all to get on a computer because we need to go on Adobe Lightroom site.

The Adobe Lightroom let you see want your camera setting are of the images that you have taken. Then as we doing that our tutor reminded the group to keep there Blogs up to date as well as doing a Project 3 Tasks for our Exhibition on our blog. Then I went out again and took some more test shots around Rotherham then again I edited them on Photoshop then again I tried to experiment by using layering a image on to anther image to see what it would look like on Photoshop but i was told by my tutor that it wouldn’t look good as a images. 

Now our tutor has told us to write an artist statement about ourselves in a third person for the Exhibition and to be places next to the our pictures. I’m printing my images at the college printing room instead of doing it some where else that would i originally wanted as it wouldn’t arrive in time so i got them printed out in A3 prints  and i bought some A2 foam boards and a can of Glue spray.

I use the spray of glue on back of my prints then i places the print onto the foam board and gently press the print so that there is no lumps on your image prints after doing that i got an safety crafting blade and mat and cut the extra small piece of foam board that is showing around the edges of your image prints and hoping that you don’t mess the edges up when cutting it and be careful with the blade so you don’t cut yourself and to make sure no one around you when you cut as you don’t want people bumping in you after doing that all i need to do is mount it up I’m going to mount my foam board pictures by by using Velcro strips to hang them up in gallery.






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