Sheffield Gallery


On Wednesday the 26 of April me and a group of lv2 / lv3 going to Sheffield Gallery so we meet at the Sheffield Train station at 10:00 am but me and two others go there at 9:10 am waited out side station  for the others and after everyone arrived Daniel Ashton took to the Million Gallery that was 5-10 mins away when we got there Dan broke us into small group and walk around taking picture’s going from room to room looking at picture art old steel objects that was made in sheffield.

After spending around hour walking around the rooms and taking picture’s  we all meet back up in winter Gardens at 11:20 and when we all regroup a few of the group wanted to go see Dan’s photos Exhibition that was 10-15 Mins away from winter Gardens.

We stop outside of a indoor cafe called The Host in sheffield we went in and looked around of the exhibition as i’m looking these two photos are one i like most because on left image it to do with Element dancing of ( water,Air,Fire,Light) and with the right image it looked like it’s a laryed image of build on to a other image.










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