Task Two project proposal

Project proposal presentation to lecturer for approval.


I’ve done my project Proposal Presentation in front of my Group mates we where told it has to lasted for 10 mins but as for my presention i talked for 23 mins of me rambling on what i’m going to do and because of one group mate kept asking questions and then me answering them as best i could The proposal presention i presented it on though using power point on computer to show my Fmp plan.

As i was presenting my fmp on power point slide and  with each slide ended i asked if there is any questions they would like to ask about my choose of doing Builds and Monuments for example what place’s i am thinking of going to, am i having the image’s in colour or in Black & White and they also ask how i am going to display my image but has i did my research i could deside on how to display them in Riverside Gallery.

This is my power point presention That i made.

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Following on from Feedback.


As for my feedback from my class mates I’ve listens to them. They asked me a lot of question like Rebecca ask me if  i’m going out of Rotherham to take my images so i replied that i’m only doing Rotherham area to show the Beauty of architectural Builds & Monuments within area of Rotherham i was also ask by Rosie she asked me if i’m going to have my images in even Black or white or in colour and i told her that i’m thinking of doing it in Black & White to give it old picture Kira-Louise ask how i know The three photography that i’m friends with on social media site’s for my Fmp research Gary Seddons, Darren Flinder so i said i’ve friended them through Vicki  on Facebook and with Richard Gaynor through searching on media site then Kira Spencer ask me what builds that i’m going to take picture of so i told her that i’m thinking of taking pictures of Rotherham all saints Church, Steel of Heart in Minster Garden, King George V: Memorial drinking fountain clock, New & Old TownHall, Royal Bank of scotland Building, Clifton Park War Monument act even our Tutor Vicki Squire asked me question of why i chosen to do architectural Builds & Monuments so i answered her question I chose this topic because i like all different ways and designs of  builds & monuments are built and with stone carving i do think of how long it took to finsh it or how did it i do research on looking up how did the carvings and with that i ended the Project proposal presentation.


 research material in developing ideas for a creative media project



On my Research  I looked online for information to do with Architecture builds and monuments the first place I looked was on Google Wikipedia site.

Reading on the history and on the Techniques. As i’m looking throw wikipedia i found 24 Notable architectural photographers that does this type of work.

I also look at some of there work to get some inspiration from looking at what they have done themselves and i looked at some pictures that a photographer called Carol M. Highsmith took as i’m looking at them i liked how she took the images in landscape and how clear it is so i enjoyed  look at them.

As i’m looking at these picture  I thing of what i could do and of wich building and monuments around Rotherham to creat my own work I tryed to find a architecture builds and monuments book at the college library but they where aready been taken out so i went back online to do some research on how  i would prosent my images these are some way of displaying my work.

As i’m doing my work i chose to display my work on Foam Boards as it is easy to do My first chose was to display them in picture frames but too meny over had the same idea so i doing them on foam as the might look good for my Architecture Builds and monuments images.


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