Task One project proposal

My Brain storming


Today we need to go on Nearpod.com to do a group  idea brain storming and answering and listen to some question. Then we took turns telling each other of what you thinking of doing, how you going to do it and also got feedback from my group-mates I’ve listens to what my Group mates said and i’m giving the feedback some thinking.


Select a genre or area of Photography that you would specifically like to develop for your Exhibition.


I have Been giving my Final Major Project and i put some though on what i would like so desided to do is Architecture of Build’s and Monuments around Rotherham for example Clifton park war monument, Church’s, All Saints Church, Steel of Heart in minster garden, King George V memorial drinking fountain clock and New Town Hall etc..  I like Architecture of Builds and Monuments  of it’s design structure. 

These two image are Test Shots that i took.


Conduct Research around your subject area and influences.


I’ve started on my Research on Architectural of Buildings or monuments i didn’t look in any books but i did looked around on internet in google search for any photographer Artist that worked with doing Architectural images these are a few photographer that I’ve looked at.

 James Broome           David Chatfield      Ella Parkinson

Kirsty Hammond    Nancy Lindsay        Charmaine Zoe

But for these three people i’m am following on both Instagram,Facebook and Twitter and they are Gary Seddons, Darren Flinder, Richard Gaynor.

These are two of Gary Seddons.


These are image of Darren Flinders that @Darren_Flinders.

Our of all the Artist I choose Darren Flinder as he use a Drone to take  photo’s in sky to showing a different view and using Technology I’ve also been thinking about looking at places to go around Rotherham like Church’s, steel hedge and Rotherham steel Heart etc..

Develop Ideas and effectively communicate your intended outcomes.


I’ve develop my idea thought go on nearpod.com and answering a few questions like on location area, what could go wrong for you on day, and doing a doodling a picture and effectively communicate it by talking together with my group mates and getting feed back from them of there suggestion also there is communicate thought my power points presentation. I could put my image on media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also i could get feedback from other people how are online.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.05.25

This is the signing/Logging page for Nearpod.com and link to the site.

Investigate and devise how your images/ project will be displayed.


For my display I’ve looked on online for ideas on how i could display I’ve seen only a few ways but i haven’t chosen and I’ve also listened to the ideas of my group mates and what they have chosen on how they are display there images and this is a link to a site’s that I’ve looked at. Fames



Consider the audience for your work and exhibition.


For my images i would consider it for any Gender and for any age range from Teenager to a senior citizen for the Exhibition i’m aiming for people who would enjoy looking and admiring Architectural builds and monuments.

  • Men – women

  • Young – Elderly



Investigate ways to promote and advertise your exhibition.


I can advertise my Exhibition thought commutation media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc..  and to promote it for example with me writing on my blog, in my Facebook and on my Twitter and on word of mouth that it is promoting.








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