Holy Trinity Church



Wentworth is quite unusual as it has two churches – the partly ruined ‘Old’ Church and the Victorian ‘New’ Church. the new church was commissioned in 1872 by the 6th Earl Fitzwilliam at a cost of around £25,000 in memory of his parents. It was designed by man called John Pearson, who was the leading Victorian architect of the time. I’ve learned on computer that a carved stone was depicting of the Last Supper which was donated by the 6th Earl’s children to commemorate the Golden Wedding anniversary of the Earl and his wife, Lady Frances Harriet.

Also as well there a number of interesting architectural features including a impressive stone vaulting and two large stained glass windows by the western Kempe and the eastern Clayton and Bell. The Holy Trinity church was built on an impressive scale and also it’s 200 foot spire that is visible for miles around. The interior seats can seat up to over 500 people which is far more than the population of the village at that time the church also stuck with it’s classical music.

Unfortunately the church was closed so i couldn’t take pictures of the inside.


I keep close to my heart anythink to do with Architectural or our History and going round viewing old buildings and finding out the history / story of the property / Estate.








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