unit 7: Exploring interactive media production and technology




For my project work i was planing on doing some sort of safety idea then i thought  Road safety but i changed ideas because of my cousin been hit by a car so i gave it more thinking still to do about safety i decided to do fire safety instead so i as my Brother in-law if he would help me out burning wood in fire bin and he came with my niece was with then i had a idea of having my niece playing with sparkles but doing it safety with her like keeping sparkle at arm length and to keep them away from other people.

 When searching around for audio sounds i looked for sounds to add onto my images for example  fire burning, wood braking and music playing in background and I’ve looked around for more sounds effects and download them and after that choose which sound you want use on your video image then on computer use Adobe premiere pro and put them together and upload it onto a site. And then get feed backs / comments and see what viewers think of your work and they can also give suggestions for viewers like what they like, what they didn’t like and what they would change about it.



In my Research and looked on YouTube fire safety videos and i was inspired by how many different way of getting fire safety informatio n a cross to people. My mean inspiration was fire safety link as it is a video to create a emotional respones in the viewers. so i thought it would be somethink similar to what i would like.







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