unit 7: Exploring interactive media production and technology






For my project i was planing to done a Road safety audio image video because of my cousin he was hit by a car and i got upset about it so i changed my plans to do fire safety but also with sparklers. So i used my camera and took a lot of images of my brother in-law hitting the fire sending amber flying up and messing about with fallen wood still on fire instead of putting it out and also took images of my niece standing at a distance away from where the fire is getting Bigger and hotter.

And then i took some images of my Niece playing with a sparkler but doing it safely so i took some different images were she has her arm straight and waving the sparkler up and down and by slowing down the camera shutter speed i catcher the sparkle light effect that can look great on your images.Then i used internet looking for sound effect so on google search i put freesoundeffect.com then i signed into the site and started looking though all different types of sound then download it onto your computer download file to them. Then using Adobe premiere pro to place the music and audio with the chosen image that you pick. 

I aranged my images in order that i wanted them to go in so i Renamed them by numbers then after that i started to add music and sound effects on First i added the background music then i added the sound effects on to it at key locations. In my photos i inserted word caption of usful information i also used layering skills to make my images more eye catching also i done some image flipping by turn the image around to help with the layering i also did some ajustments like the brightness because i took the picture around 7:30pm but the image came out dark so i used photoshop brighten them up abit i just change a little as i didn’t want to destroy my images by using to much justment though photoshop.




when i played my audio file work i found out that for some reason the whole audio wasn’t playing as well as the image was passing bye so i was asked what software did i use and then i was told not to use it anymore but to use the college computers for there software they said it was more better to use. The software that i used was Adobe premiere pro at first i didn’t now how to use it but then a group-mate showed and told me how to use the software for my project work on it.

Then after you finished your Audio still image montage video you can upload it to YouTube or other interactive media sites and you can talk to people or read what they have written of there opinion of what you would change,what you like about it and what they think of my audio video. Also beside putting it on YouTube you can also put your video on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr these are the most interactive sites to get most people feedback’s.

Using these site’s are great in communicating your ideas and putting up videos of your work or you can simply talk to other people to get ideas you can look up other peoples work to see how they did these. e.g i looked up on fire sound to emphasize with it beening about fire to make it a even more inpack. By using photoshop software i was able to alter some of my images to put more emphasizes all my ideas.



















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