unit 7: Exploring interactive media production and technology



For getting my Idea you would start doing Research on the internet and see what other artits have already done and get ideas from there work and also use that what you have learned in a whole new way of doing different still Audio image montage video so you would go on computer and looked it up on Youtube and read of some comments that people write as Feedback i didn’t read all of them as there was so many comments.

You can do research on Google search about the video and the Artits of the project and why he pick this topic for his work then you put your ideas you have into a plan to create your own still image audio montage video.


You can use the technology to help solve problems using the wright software or a problem with the uploading it to computer but some times the don’t upload proplery or it take to long to do.

When i was having Interactive media problem i’ve ask for help from my Groupmates to help me if i’m stuck one anythink like i’ve be have trouble doing downloads and uploads on computer but now i’ve had someone sitting next to me and showed me how to do it and what i was doing wrong

I could not download premier pro as I was on a borrowed laptop. instead I used VSDC Free Video Editor software that was already installed on it. it is a good program to make video and was easy to use. first I selected the pictures I wanted to use then I had to decide the audio to match. the audio aspect of the video was had to do but after asking for help I was manage  to increase to my voice part of the audio to be heard over there the background audio.


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