unit 6: Exploring visual production and technology


3.1  Using computer on ideas of visual production

With using computer I change some details on my image also i removed some objects out of the image as it made my image unpleasing to me and as it was dark out side so i used the Photoshop on computer to brighten them up as well a little as it was to dark it was hard to see what was around in the image to see what’s on i also cleaning the image by removing objects and using Tools icons like crop,sharpen and layer etc..

With going on photoshop i enjoyed learning about layers at first when i’ve seen some of my group mates they were using it in there work and i thought it looked good at first i didn’t now how to use it in my images but now i do now how to use it and made it work for my image and it part of my skills set that i’ve learned. 


With chosen the best way of using interactive media site’s e.g  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and youtube they have more people going online and to interact with each other and they can interact with you about your audio video like giving you feed back on what they like, what they didn’t like and what they would change about it to make it more pleasing to the veiwers.

By doing this you can get feedback and information on your video work. As for selecting i now they all good but there only one site which i would chose to put it on and that is the youtube page and see what people say.

I’ve communicated with my groupmates about my ideas on my work and even ask them of what they though are and get there feedback to see what i could do about if it needs changes in my work. And with communicatin so i sat down with others people it was good as they listion aswell and surrgesting ideas to me one person sayed how about doing layering some of my image on each over so it was very good that i communicated to other people.







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