unit 6: Exploring visual production and technology


2.1  use contextual awareness to support the development of ideas for visual production.

I used my Nikon D70 Camera to take pictures of fire on location of Back garden for Fire safety project and i took a lot of image’s and i had to pick roughly around 10 images or more after i’ve chosen the images so i use photoshop on computer  doing touch up’s on editing software Removing unwanted object and doing some writing on to image i’ve also learned how to do layering that a image onto anther image together after that i used a Edirol that i borrowed from college to do some vocal audio recording of details of fire safety from looking up infromation online then i looked around on computer site for sound effect then i found some and downloaded them.

After that i started putting it all together starting with images and arranging them in order then i put sound effects, vocal Audio and music on aswell  there was some sound effects that i couldn’t find then after putting them together you can put it on interactive sites like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and flickr websites.

I picked fire safety as my project cause its some thing I believe people need to be more aware of. so I looked up the subject on the internet and I wanted to inform people of the dangers and how many fires there are a year. I used google search engine to find useful sites to read up on the subject and I also used Wikipedia to get more info to make my video more enlightening and make people think more about it. link to my fire safety video


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