unit 6: Exploring visual production and technology


1.1 Visual Technology And Creative Media

As I’m doing my project I was thinking of doing all my images in black and white but as i look at them they weren’t that pleasing for me so i left them in colour and altered some of the image contrast i also edited some of the images to remove some of the unwanted objects what i thought weren’t visually pleasing to me. I want to have my fire safety image done in day time but i couldn’t do a fire because of the law i can only start it after six O’clock and by that time it has become dark and i had to use the cameras in built flash to get some good images from it. 

For my project i used my own Nikon D70 for taking the images with and i borrowed a Edirol from College for my audio work and on computer i use the adobe photoshop soft ware doing Editing. Then after that i used the computer to put both images and audio of music or sound effects together. And we did a presentation talking in front of group with information of your idea.

1.2    Effectiveness of technology skills in solving idea for visual production.

I’ve had some Effectiveness in photoshop soft ware program to solve a problem in my image i could alter the image to what i want to make it pleasing to catch the viewers eyes also use editing on audio as well like cutting and short the music/sound effects fit it onto your image work and also to Remove unwanted objects from my image that are unpleasing for me and others.

I’ve also used new skill on photoshop to do a thing called layering it was my first time trying it out on my images putting a image on top of anther image and it looked good.

in my project 2 fire safety I used audio files to make a video, using  VSDC Free Video Editor I was able to cropped and alter the audio to make it fit my project idea. also I made a voice recording that was informative and I altered  the volume so it can be heard over the background audio file that I’ve chosen. I also altered the pitch and it’s rate of the audio for the background audio by altering the audio it bypass the copyright law also by  it came for a shared filed site it has no copyright on it .


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