unit 5: Exploring audio production and technology

3.1  Use creative media methods and skills for audio-based production.

My skills i search around on internet looking for free sound effects when i found a suitable website i signed up then after that i use the search system by writing what sound i’m looking for after it done the search it would show you many or a throw that you can choose and listen to it to find if it’s the sound you need there are even sound that people recorded and uploaded to the site for others to use but before you can use the sound you will need to pick a sound then you will need download it into the download file it will ask you to confirm the download.

you can use a computer, laptop or tablet even to your mobile phone can download it but you might have to download a app or too. You can download music or sound effect eg. wood broken and fire burning and you can use Adobe premiere pro and places your images and after that you can put your sounds to the picture and depending on which sound you put on to a image to get a reaction.

3.2  The Methods that work for you / what didn’t work and how tell other about your ideas.

With my work was to do with fire safety so i got some fire and wood burning sound effect on to it so these sound work for me but it will not work for others in my group as they are do different thing like location’s of places, depression and Kidnapping so for my sound effect will not work there project’s. And to tell other people about my ideas through interactive sites e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube and of course you can get feed back on it of what they like,didn’t like or of what they would have change of it.

On downloading of sound effects i found out some sounds that i wanted couldn’t be downloaded from the internet site because of the copyright laws and some i couldn’t find them around on site.









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