unit 5: Exploring audio production and technology


2.1 Use contextual wareness to support the development of ideas for audio production.

I came up with Fire safety with a children /child so it suggest what you should do shouldn’t do with fire i came up with the idea of fire safety when i took a walk around my local area at night thinking/looking for any ideas that i could us for my project when i notice a family burn household rubbish and children running around and that when i came up with the idea of doing fire safety.

I came up with a idea of using my audio to give my images more feeling eg. sound of fire burning and wood burning would make the picture to come more to life also a faint sound of music coming from the background and also a self made audio of me given so much information on fire safety i’ve places the sound,music audio to were they needed in to my project image and i hope i’ve places the sound where they can viewers think about awareness of fire safety.

sound effect link

I’ve looked at a few sites on computer for the right sound effect and this link above is the one i choose and it’s easy to use as well to me all i have to do is write what i want in the search bar and then it will show all the sound effect that is writen in bar. These two image are of me looking though and listening to the sounds and picking which one i would choose to put in my audio video.

As i was searching on youtube looking for any inspiring videos to do with fire safety these video below are only one a few that have inspired me to do my work on fire safety on the rights or wrongs also it in this video the the add information like how it only takes mintures for the fire to spreads around the room and the audio is helping in emotion sounds.

And i looked up online for fires at christmas and i found out that mostly fires start at the tree because of lights on the tree are over heating or plugs over begin used and it end up on fire.

By watch this it has help me in developing my ideas into a plan and then creating it into a still image audio montage video but in mine i did it out side in ground and with a fire bin also with a child playing with a sparkler.


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