unit 5: Exploring audio production and technology

 1.1  Use a range of skills to inform and develop ideas for creative production.


I’ve done my Research looking up on audio sound effect from internet site for music or sound’s I’ve also looked around for good free sound effect i signed in and looked around on it Research for what i wanted then if i find what i wanted check on it’s right hand side and it gives you info that you will need you will also find out if it a copyright or not.

After you check the copyrights then you can download it on computer to the download file and you can even do editing on it by cutting the sound down and adjust the sound to what you want it to be or you can Record your own sound by using a handheld Audio Record there are many different types of Recorders the one that i used was called an Edirol the only i needed to do is insert my SD card in and push up on the on button then  press the record after you done it all you needed to do is to put it onto computer then you put it on Adobe premiere pro a soft ware that you can put music or sound effects onto your image’s to give it a motional or mental reaction from the viewers.


1.2  Assess the effectiveness of technology skills in solving an audio production problem.


When i used the audio Recorder to record my voice onto it my voice sounded horrible it was loud rough and there where a weird sounds on it so i’ve asked a group mate they listened to my audio sound then she ask me to repeat what i was doing when i did the audio recording. When i was recording then she stop me and said that i’m having the Edirol to close to my mouth when i’m speaking into it and the weird sound was of me breathing out past the Edirol microphone.

I tried again  i went quit area where there was no interference but this time i’ve placed the recorder away form me so i try it after would’s i listened to the recording it came out clear there weren’t no noise just only my voice was recorded. After i’ve put it onto computer into a audio file that i made then i transfered the audio from my Sd card to my pendrive and did a little tuning to the audio but not much as i didn’t want to make it sound bad thought editing it to much.







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