My image’s before Editing Them


I have planed my test’s shot’s and I waited till after six 0’clock to light the fire bin because of the law and helping me with my test shots are my brother in-law, brother and my little niece. Some of my image have come out good but there of them came out blury but i think it will work out what i’m hoping to do.

The test shots i did with my volunteers like my niece showing how to keep with sparklers like keeping the at arm length and how to disposed them away in water but also how to keep there distend away from the fire and image’s of fallen flame’s from fire bin caused by over paling the wood on it.

For my project name i have chosen to call it Fire Safety with or around children.

These few image’s are not been Edited

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are just a throw image’s that i took of fire safety and image’s with a child around a fire. And as i was looking throw my image’s i did have some idea’s on what to do with editing them for ex sample doing layer over layer image’s and flames around the boarder and split the images of what safety and what not safety in it.













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