Research ideas for your own Project.

What are you going to creat?

For my project i’ve chosen to do a outdoor fire safety audio still image montage of how doing aproper way of doing a fire using a fire bin with music and speaking and as well sound effects to open views eyes of fire safety.

I’ve also found information about fire safety laws,Regulations and the history of fires in the UK also if you Should require any of the leaflets as a hard copy, please ask down at your local fire station who may have a small stock of them.

These are only there of meny different type of fire safety bins.

This is a webpage to research more about fires safety


How will you use audio and still images to create an interactive portfolio?



I will use a Adobe Premiere Pro soft ware to combind my audio and my image together also use the soft ware to put music, recording of people or sound effects but for my project can useing both audio and images to interactive the views senses for example sounds,colour.

how ever different people have different taste with of sounds,colour like a image of a girl walking down a long dark corridor with sound of girls footsteps, a door slaming close and drury music in background.

How about this a woman in a car broken down in middle of no where and have a audio description she looking a round in anxious and we can start of with slow dramatic sounds building up for a happy ending at the finsh.

























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