Create a Production Plan

My Production Plan

From 20/02/17 i will be doing a project to do. And now I’ve been given a Time table to complete my work on time to show at my presention. And i plan to have each piece done on it’s day.

This is my production plan days

Day 1

Taking plenty of picture shots.

Day 2

Doing Editing on my images.

Day 3

Now to add sound,music and audio description on to computer.

Day 4

Finish of all that needed doing edit, sound, music, audio description and do a update on my blog showing how for i’ve done with my images.

Day 5

To put it all together on Adobe Premiere Pro and to start doing the finish touchs .

Day 6

Prosenting  my project work to my group and to Lance, dan and vicki.

And as you can see i’ll will be work hard for these Five day so to  finish off my project on TIME.





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