Contextualize your findings so far by applying what you have found into your own ideas and concepts

As i’m doing my project about Fire safety I’ve looked around on internet for all different types of sounds and music that i can find by searching on these link.

But also i could make my own sound effects and place them where i need them in my audio pictures file for example crackeling of flames burning and and sounds of wood bracking in the fire and sound of a match stick been struck or a lighter beenin lit. but when i do my audio downloading of sounds and music and be a were of the copyrighting them.

As i did some research on computer i looked at different type of audio recorders that you can use like Edirol, Tascam DR-1, Olympus WSOlympus DS-2500, Roland R-44 solid these are some of best audio records that I’ve seen on internet.


Then use the college computers to apply my images and music or sounds on to my project work by using Adobe premiere pro soft ware system as i was told is is best to use .


My Plan

For my project i’ll be using a Edirol to record some sound effects for my work like the sounds of fire crackling, wood braking and a woman screaming then take the sound effect off the Edirol and put them on to computer in a created audio file that you will make after that and do some editing i’ll use the Adobe premiere pro to start create a slideshow but first to put the images in order that they will go in After that put the sound effect in where you need them and then listen to it to see if you need any more music/sound effects.




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