Research and understand of copyrights and licencing of audio work

My Research

For my Research of understanding for copyrighting of a audio i researched about two types of copyrights on internet by using google search all about the rights and wrongs of doing copyright. The copyright symbol you commonly see written in the Bottom corner as the letter ( C )  with a circle around it.

The Top image

You are not allowed to Copyright Reserved.

this logo it means if you are caught  you can be Sentence up to 6 months or you could be fined upto £5,000.



The Bottom Image

You are allowed to do Copyright.



You automatically get copyright protection when you create:

  • original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography.

  • original non-literary written work, such as software, web content and databases.

  • sound and music recordings.

  • film and television recordings.

  • broadcasts.

  • the layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works.

Copyrights is very in dept to go into so i  advice people to do there own research.

“When you use the copyright work of another person in most cases you will have to ask for their permission. Permission can be in the form of either an agreement or a licence.

The starting point in seeking permission is to understand whether the work is created and owned by one person or if many people have come together to create it”








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