Examine how audio can be used to create and change meaning / context of a piece of work

With audio you can change a the theme of a black and white image and add creepy music or sound to it or you can keep it in colour with the audio for example using creepy sounds with a black & white image give the feel fear , sad  or horror but with colour images it can give a feeling of happy and joyfulness to it Also you can mix them like colour with fear,sadness, and horror and same to black & white with joyful and Happiness sounds or music.

By adding  audio you are giving emotion to images to change your view of seeing the pictures that is showing.

There is different ways of changing the context of your work like changing music , sound or the image.

To change the meaning is having a black and white image and adding a happy and joyful audio to it and it same to the opposite a colorful image and adding a creepy or horrifying audio sounds it depend on what you want to show I’ve looked around on internet on google and found some good fire safety audio like the link above.

This is a link of a fire safety video that looked and sound good that i found on Inernet.




As i was watching this video the emotion that i’m feeling are sadness and awareness of leaving Christmas lights on over night and it especially over the Christmas holidays but although i felt down for a hour i watch it once more and notice that leaving lights on it over heats it are shart but it only needs one small spark on tree and it up in flame up the tree and smoke spreading around and engulf the all room in Minutes and the music of silent night song to made it even more emotionally from there viewers.

Having the audio sounds does give the image more sense of emotion to it but with out using audio and watching it you may might get a jest sense of what the video but not as much motion as with the audio added in.







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