Project 2 Update

My Update

For my project two I’ve ask my sister if i can borrow my nieces for my project but i have to arrange the days for me to do my Test shots because they have school in week days and then visit her dad on week ends so I’ve arrange to do the test shots on Saturday 4/2/17 to do tests of her in all different ideas to do them.



But I’ve done some Audio Research  looking for sounds or Music that would go with the image i have planed to do. I’ve gone on to the internet searching for audio i got some music on one side to think about or if i charge my option to make my own sounds using a Edirole to Record my own sound while i was looking up audio on computer to make a mash of sounds and music mix and project will be presenting on the 14/2/17 in front of our group.


I’ve been assessing even to use sound effect, Music or self made audio recording or mashing a mix of all sound effects, music and self made recording but i’m experimenting listening to them and picking one’s which can be useful to me for adding them onto my project work.

for example

This is a link to free sound effect.

Free sound 








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