Our York Trip, Location

On Wednesday 25/01/17 January Me and my fellow lv 2 & lv 3 year 2 Photography group as well are going on a photography trip to take photos location of York area .

We meet at Back of College on Percy Street at 9:00 Am Ready to Set off But the two vans they came late. Me and my lv 2 group went with Lance & Vicki in one (van 1) and lv 3 year 2 went in the other (van 2) with Gerry & Dan as Gerry didn’t know his way to York so Gerry in (van 2) following us behind us in (van 2)  when we set off at 9:20 Am as we going a though times we lost view of the other van  so we went around the roundabout three time till they catch up to us but by then Gerry’s group was in front of us so we went pass them. By time we got into York at 10:30 and Lance drives us to a car park that he check a through days early but as we were pulling in Lance notices that there a high limit so we had to find some were to park up after 10-15 minutes we park up and walk around in York taking photos of anything around us.

At 12:00 we split up to go for our lunch and to meet near the Minister at 13:00 then Lance told us a place near by where a Movie was filmed it the Harry potter (the Diagon Alley scene)  in York.Then we walked into a park and took some pictures of some ruins then i took some pictures of squirrels soon after it was time to head back to vans on way back to Rotherham we lost track of Gerry and his group in (van 2) but cart up on motorway It was 16:00 when got drop off at College we had a lot of fun on our trip to York.



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