Research for my project 2

How Audio can be used

Adding music / sound effect to you still image montage can give you a motivational side to the images like a image of a van backing up so you can put a sound of a van Reverencing back or image of a Rainy day and have the sound effect of rain falling / raining men by weather girls music etc…

there are some audio effect .

  • Scary

  • Funny

  • Sad

  • Romance

  • comedy etc..

But audio you can using copyright for free music to use in back ground making.

How to create Audio file’s

You will need a Recorder like a mobile phone or a sound recorders to catcher the effects that you can use you would transfer any files onto your computer plus you can play it back at any time also you can edit the any port of the sound to make it  completely different that it sounds or mash a bunch of sounds / music together.

Research How some films audio sound effect

These are five films that sound effect that was made from audio.

  • Star Wars – Light-saber by combining the hum of an idle film Projector and the buzzing from an old TV set motor.

  • Jurassic Park  – The T Rex’s for the Roar they combining the sounds of three animals a baby elephant’s squeal an alligator’s gurgling and a tiger’s snarl and that the roar but for the breathing it was from a whale’s blowhole.

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day – The T-1000 phasing through the jail bar at the mental institution, the sound was made from a lot of dog food slowly been sucked out of a cans.

  • Psycho – shower scene as you don’t see it you do hear the stabbing for this effect the prop man made through stab countless melons.

  • X-Men – Wolverine’s Claws Of two effect by combining a knife being drawn from a sheath with the effect of a chicken or turkey carcass being torn apart.


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