Research Day 1

Today we  been given our second project called Interactive Portfolio. we are to do a still image audio montage so i did some research on computer so i look on YouTube on how it is used and how it look and to see other people image work on YouTube,webpages like peoples blogs or Facebook site.

I also looked up work of photographer and non-photographic images i enjoyed watching and listening to there work on still image audio montage.

Still image Audio montage

  • Ryan Poole  – In Ryan his still image and audio montage of a base ball field and adding sound effects to match to the image like a ball hitting the metal fence or a ball getting hit with the bat sound etc…


  • Steven Peterson – In Steven his audio image is of a happy sunny day with kids riding there bikes, beautiful rose bush and landscapes he has chosen a good song for his Image work .


These two are the best that i like so far.




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