My Research 2 Project

Changing my plans

After a long think about it I’ve decided not to do Calotype images in darkroom and as I was listening a few of my group mate they chosen to do the same that I picked location calotype images. So I choose just to do location, Nature, architectural, structures for my project work Then I did some research around Rotherham area then pick some to visit I borrowed a camera from College and then on Wednesday at end of my course I visited some of the places. I’ve even look up some local photographer how do location pictures like In The Picture, Studio Lux, PixiFoto in Rotherham but I also like the work of a man called Darren Flinders I’ve befriended him on Instagram.  These are the few location that I went to Clifton Park, Boston Castle, Keppel’s Cullum, Wentworth Woodhouse, I then took a bunch of picture then went home as it was getting dark the next morning went to college and started to do some editing images on computer with Photoshop. And also doing Research work of the location that you will see below with some  images that I took for my Project.


This is Wentworth Woodhouse

_mg_0147And this is the research that I found about Wentworth Woodhouse, it’s surrounded by 15,000 arches of land also rumoured that it has roughly around 300 rooms give or take and with further research I found out a lot more.


Holy Trinity Church


The Church started building in 1872but wasn’t finished till it opened it doors in 1876 and I found that it was consecrated on 31st July 1877.Also the church has six bells and to hold 650 people at a time.


Clifton Park


With Clifton park I didn’t find much about it except for a rumoured that when World Wars 2 with the bombs dropping one of the bombs exploded in Clifton park near the Museum.


Boston Castle



It was erection in 1773 I found out a little bit about it. Boston Castle was build as a shooting and hunting lodge by Thomas Howard the 3rd Earl of Effingham and the building has evolved  it acquired it name Boston Castle to commemorate the Boston tea party.



Darren Flinders


These are some of Darren Flinders pictures that he took.




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