Project 1 Reflection


For my project I did my Research looking up locations on of my area I had a lot of help from my group mates,tutor and from google map for location and monuments,  then i picked a few places to go too. At first I didn’t chose to do location work what i did was picked to do Calotype Images But some other people was doing them as well so i change my Plans. The location I’ve chosen are Clifton Park, Boston Castle, Wentworth Woodhouse and the Wentworth Holy Trinity church i was only given a day to pick a location and to Present it to my photography group and tutor to show and tell. on 9th November i went to different location places like the Wentworth Woodhouse, Boston Castle, Keppel’s Collum, Clifton Park, and Chapel on the bridge i did get some good shots from going to different location.

In my work I tried using different thing on Photoshop to get the image to jump out and catch people eyes by doing black & white images and in colour Then I look at my images and decided which ten images that I would choose for the project.

The processes of location work i decided on and  I’ve enjoyed going to the locations taking pictures i didn’t realize that I trespass onto private land to get some good images but it was accident but worth it to  getting the image that i wanted i even tryed taking images in all different angels but that ment going more further on to private land. I am happy with the locations that I took The photographs and I am also happy with the skills that I used. Then I put my images on computer and the using the Photoshop like Brightness, cropping, focusing and clearing the images there is some stuff I would charged  in my images like making the sky a little bluer on some of them to make the images to stand to my audience if I can I would only change one thing and that would be just doing one location for my project but that didn’t stop me from trying a go out walking around seeing the location around Rotherham.  Now that my project coming to a end on 9th of December in my head I’ve be thinking of other location that I could have visited at to get location images from around Rotherham.

I’ve selected the ten good image that can communicating to my audience and to get feedback on my project work from my audience ideas as they see my images. And I hope that the audience will see how nice the location are at Wentworth Woodhouse, Boston Castle, Clifton Park and Holy Trinity Church for taking images and to inspire others in to visiting these places and to experiment of there own images and location. the method I used did try to get some depth of field image of Wentworth Woodhouse to get some depth in it around the Building.

If I could I would like to experiment more with Photoshop a little bit like putting a little logo or some think to see if the people notice it. but I did notice in some of my images that I got some natural elements of  space, line, colour, pattern, texture, from and shape in to my pictures for it to communicating to my audience. And I do hope that my images do give a meaning to them as they look that them I want my picture to say about how I see the location few my eyes and my imagination .


 My chosen  project is Landscape, as I like to take pictures of nature and architectural building and structures. And then  I like to do research about the subject of the picture that I have taken, For my project I went to Wentworth Woodhouse I took the picture of Wentworth House at different location. I then did  some research about the house. This is a bit about want I found. The house was built by Thomas Watson Wentworth in the year 1725. The house has around 300 rooms give or take to my knowlage this is the largest private estate in the United Kingdom. On top of the collums to the front of the front enters there is a motto witch reads MEA GLORIA FIDES I researched this and found this to be Latin and translaters to TRUST IS MY RENOWN. The house is situated on the estate witch is 15,000 arch’s long. The estate stages various events eg vintages cars various stores through out the year. I also found that Wentworth house is to believe to be the inspiration to the house in the novel Pride & Prejudice by the novelist Jane Austin and also used by the film and Television industries. The current owner is now Clifford Newbold.





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