My Images & Locations

These are my Images. 

Clifton Park

The image i pick here are just a thought that i chosen from going to Clifton Park. The picture of flower is my best photo with the flower clear  and the background a blur and it is not been edited on Photoshop the next day i went back to Clifton Park to take the flower picture again but the Countcil  dug up all the flowers outside park gates .


Wentworth Woodhouse

the next location is a big estate called Wentworth woodhouse it’s estate extented over 15,000 Acres of land it is the largest private house in the United Kingdom with 300 rooms and  it was built in 1725 by a man called Thomas watson wentworth.


As you look under the arc you can see these word ( Mea Gloria Fides ) I found out it means (our faith in glory ) in Latin._mg_0146_mg_0147_mg_0210

And one Image from Boston Castle when it was snowing.



I like this image because even with the snow slowly going it a nice picture that i took.



This is the last image i picked of Wentworth Holy Trinity church.


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