My project WeekDay’s




I’ve done my Writing Research and planning on calotype photographers and there styles. I’ve charge my ideas of doing calotype now I am doing Location,Street photography.



And for week two I’ll be doing test shots Going Out on location’s shots I went to some different location like Boston castle,Keepel’s Coloum,Wentworth Woodhouse,and Clifton Park I’ve taken some picture and then touch them up with Photoshop.



I’ve taken more photo’s and use Photoshop in all types of different ways of touching the images up making them look good and to catch people eyes by doing some image’s in black & white.

On Photoshop I used crop,sharpen image and erasing thing’s out of my images like number plates from vehicles and horrible object around in my picture.



Taking more image’s of the location that I’ve been to  and using Photoshop again trying doing different things to make the image look older like from our past I’m still experimenting with  Photoshop just to get the right balance.




As we on our final week we have to pick 10 images out of 50 pictures i have image location of Clifton Park, Wentworth woodhouse, Boston Castle. I’ve nearly  finishing Photoshop on them we’ve been give our handing in date before 2nd of Dec to give it to dan.


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